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Get coverage built from our insurance policy

The coverage insurance , also called guarantees , benefits are defined and specified in the particular and general conditions of contracts policies . With the coverage, the insured is protected, up to the agreed economic limit, from the consequences arising from a claim .

coverage & policies

Insurance coverage may vary depending on the insurance contracted and also the plan.

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to get discounts on auto insurance with LIFE GAURD. It's easy to find premium discounts or reductions on your new or existing LIFE GAURD auto policy ...

make a claim

We help you with the claim to the insurance companymake a safe claim , we are specialist lawyers, we obtain the maximum compensation for accidents ...

Coverage according to type of insurance

The nature of insurance coverage varies depending on the type of policy :

our policy pricing table

Its table is Third Party of Car Insurance ...

Less than 1000 CC

Rs.2072/ per year

More than 1000 CC
Less than 1000 CC

Rs.3221/ per year

More than 1500 cc

Rs.7890/ per year

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